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Kashmiri Saffron by Farmer directly to your home. Since 1970.

100% natural Kashmiri saffron without foreign matter and no added chemicals. Grade 1 As per frequently test reports we have done. Moisture below 11%. Flavor Strength  as Picrocrocin is around  75. Aroma  Strength as Safranal is around  45. Coloring strength as Crocin is above  200. Above all ranges are showing that our saffron is A++ quality. These are all results of our saffron as per ISO 3632-1:2010. We produce saffron without fertilizers and chemicals & store under hygienic environment and the required temperature.  For knowing the details of purity & quality analysis reports of our saffron or wholesale enquiry click on the given whatsapp link . Here

Buy it directly from Kashmir

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We are one of famous Kashmiri Saffron Exporters since  many years. Our mission is to provide our customers same saffron just like nature wants it. 

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